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Couple found dead in apparent Murder/Suicide

Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 10.02.15 PMThis photo shows Nandinie and Vickram Ramdin in  happier times. On Sunday, the couple’s 11 year old son found both of them dead at their Non- Pariel East Coast Demerara home. The police are treating the incident as a murder/suicide, since according to the police the woman was strangled, while her husband was found hanging from the rafters of the roof of the building with a sheet around his neck.

The couple was scheduled to appear in court today after Ramdin was charged for domestic violence. However a police officer told this newscast that the woman refused to press charges and the matter was sent to the welfare department.

Her mother Latchmie said the couple had their fair share of domestic problems. The mother said she even tried talking her daughter out of the marriage but she never listened.

Neighbors recalled hearing a screaming sound late Saturday, but paid little attention to it. Latchmie said they became suspicious after calls to both Vickram and Nandinie’s cellular phones went unanswered.

Relatives say that the woman was always trying to make ends meet for her family while her husband had a drinking problem. The couple was married for 13 years and had two children aged 11 and 7.

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