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Finally financial independence for the Judiciary

parliThe AFC says though the Nation has waited for thirteen years to see the judiciary function as an independent body in terms of its financial operations but it is not a day too soon. The AFC in a statement Thursday morning said the recent passage in Parliament of the measures that will see the Judiciary be removed as a budget agency to receive funds  from the Ministry of Finance did not come without  pressure and persuasion by the opposition . Funds for the Judiciary will now come directly from the consolidated fund and approved by the National assembly.

A Motion moved by Carl Greenidge and seconded by Ramjattan brought the new arrangements in place so as to bring it into conformity with a constitutional amendment of 2001.

The AFC sees this development as a practical move to secure more independence for the  Judiciary, and making more rigid that separation of powers the absence of which can be a threat to constitutional democracy .

The Party  also took time out to  call on the government to name its nominees to the Public Procurement commission. The Commisssion was one of the things the AFC wanted to see before it supported the Anti- money laundering bill. AFC member Dominic Gaskin said the PPC is mandated by law.

The Government’s unwillingness  to surrender its no objection role in the awarding of contracts has been a bone of contention between itself and the opposition .

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