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Town clerk insults Christian Community

town clerkThe Mayor and City Council is once again, against the controversial Town clerk Carol Sooba over her decision to charge a fee for spots along the Seawall from the Bandstand to UG for the Easter celebration.

During a press conference held today at City Hall , Town Clerk Carol Sooba said that with permission from the Ministry of Works, spots were still for sale

The Mayor and City Council is of the view that citizens should not pay for such spots since it is a Christian holiday. The Town Clerk Carol Sooba had this response to the Council’s reasoning.

When asked if her comment about Christians could not be deemed offensive, this is how Sooba responded.

For the first time fees as much as 20,000 Dollars will be charged to family members as well as small business operators wishing to take part in the kite flying celebrations.

On Monday, the Council voted to remove Sooba as Town Clerk following a decision by the High court that her appointment was unlawful. Sooba said she would not be moved. 

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