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Think tank launched at Cara Lodge last Friday

tankA group launched last Friday at the Cara lodge. is aiming to come up with ideas strategies and theories that they hope will pressure the policy makers to address issues in society. According to It is called the LIRDS think tank group. It is an online group according to Rear Admiral retired Gary Best who is one of 3 partners.

According to Best the think tank will be opened in a limited way to academics and will focus on 5 areas.

The group was congratulated by Professor Mark Kirton of the Institute of Int’l Relations at UWI’s St Augustine Campus who said it comes at a time when several complex issues face us. He said they should not be afraid of criticism once the research is based on fairness and objectivity.

The Keynote address was delivered by Professor Andy Knights who is the Director of the IR Institue at St Augustine. Several academics from Guyana and students of the University of suriname were also part of the launch 

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