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National AIDS Secretariat staff awaiting salaries some three months and counting

aids buildingThere are reports that for three months now workers attached to the National Aids Programme Secretariat(NAPS) are still to be paid and no one in authority is telling them when salaries will be available.

The secretariat is reportedly down sizing after funding  from the  US Global funds for HIV  and other diseases was reduced. This newscast understands that many of the workers have been  with the programme for years, with the salary ranging from $50,000 to $200,000(Guyana dollars) a month for some workers.

The workers said that they also contacted the Health Sector development unit to find out about their monies but to date no positive answer is forthcoming.

A source told this newscast that the problems started coming down towards the end of the programme.

The National Aids Programme Secretariat(NAPS) falls under the Ministry of Health and is headed by Dr Shanti Singh. Some staff  fearful of victimization told this newscast that the ministry is looking at placing some of the NAPS workers in various sections of the Health ministry.

The staff who deal directly with HIV patients and other sexually transmitted disease said the withholding of their salaries is creating great hardship for them and their families. Some of the workers are still preforming their active duties and are keeping their fingers crossed that the salary issue can be addressed speedily.

It was the same secretariat that said in 2012 that funding will not be cut for Guyana’s fight against the spread of HIV, TB and other diseases.

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