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Kidnapped businessman discovered dead with gunshot to head

kidnappedThe worst fears of the Singh’s family were confirmed today when the body of the kidnapped businessman Rajendra Singh was discovered in the Le Repentir Cemetery.

The man’s body was found under a tree with what appears to be a gunshot wound to the head and his hands tied behind his back. The businessman’s death comes amidst demands for a 25 million dollar ransom and the hand over of Surveillance video footage for his safe return.

The gruesome discovery was made just around 9:30 this morning by city council worker Jarnarine Parbu. Parbu said he was about to lay foundation for a new burial space when he saw the lifeless body under a tree. His supervisor was also alerted and he spoke with the media as well.

Police from A and C divisions quickly rushed to the scene and immediately commenced their investigations. The police then commenced a search around the immediate vicinity where the body was found but the kidnappers did not leave any clue to trace their whereabouts. Close relatives confirmed that it was the businessman who was found in the cemetery. He was at the time wearing a blue pants and a blue jersey.

The police are working on a theory that the businessman was killed late last night or early this morning.

Singh was snatched from his Foulis east coast of Demerara business place last Saturday afternoon. His kidnappers immediately made contact with his family demanding a ransom of 50 million dollars, which was later, reduced to 25million for his safe return.

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