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Granger describes 2014 budget as a grand charade

APNU 3rdIn an address he called the grand charade, Opposition Leader David Granger last evening closed off the Budget debate for the opposition, saying it was driven by politics and not economics.

Mr Granger said the budget is not friendly towards the poor, the working class or vulnerable groups in society. What has been prepared is driven by the ruling party’s politics, which led to the Opposition being unable to give their input before the Budget was finalized.

We need to ensure that all sides of this National Assembly could comprehensively propose national measures needed for national development. It is clear that the Minister of Finance must be given the information and insights that are so desperately deficient in Main Street.

Mr Granger said the Budget is filled with the same old PPP platitudes and presumptuousness and ignores the everyday concerns of people.

Mr Granger said the APNU does not know it all, but what it has seen on the ground could have helped to fashion a better budget that would have won approval from all sides of the House.

Even with the Budget already presented, and ready now to be examined line by line, Granger called for a reduction in value added and income tax and job creation programmes for school leavers. 

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