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Harding file expected back to the DPP

hardingActing commissioner of police Seelall Persaud said that the Office of professional responsibility of the Guyana Police Force has completed its further investigations in the Cowlyn Harding sexual assault incident case.

Harding accused a rank from the Timehri  Police station of  using a condom-covered baton to sodomize him; he also claimed that he was physically assaulted while he was in custody.

While the Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority retired Justice Cecil Kennard has cleared the police of the sexual assaults charges the DPP returned the police file ordering further investigation.

While GPHC medical evaluation has cleared the police an independent medical report conducted by an expert at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital has found medical evidence to prove that a foreign object was inserted into the rectum of Harding. His attorney Nigel Hughes is expected to take legal action against the police and the government in the matter.

The ranks at the center of the allegations are back on duty as the investigation continues.

Justice Kennard in his reports on the matter said the lack of medical evidence and the fact that Colwyn Harding did not make the allegation until one month after he was released from custody are two of the reasons for him not recommending that the Police face sexual assault charges.

He however recommended criminal charges against two ranks following the alleged beating of Harding and disciplinary action against the other ranks at the Timehri Police Station who he believes neglected their duty by not ensuring that the man be medically examined but to date no action was taken in the matter.

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