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Ramayya slams budget for being out of touch with working class

GUYSUCOThe self-styled Herbalist, Dr Veersammy Ramayya, a Member of Parliament for the Alliance for Change has laced the government for what he said is there disregard for the working class in this year’s budget.
From the start of his presentation Dr Ramayya criticised the government for propping up the budget with election hand-outs instead of addressing issues critical to the working class and vulnerable groups.
Ramayya, from the Berbice sugar belt, slammed the administration for its mismanagement of the sugar industry, and said yet still it is asking $6 billion in subsidy without presenting a clear and detailed plan. Dr Ramayya said that even after the 2005 floods, GuySuCo produced over 250, 000 tonnes of sugar, and now even with the massive Skeldon plant, on which billions of dollars was spent, last year’s production fell to less than 200, tonnes.  
From sugar, Ramayya then berated the government for the 5% increase in old age pensions.
Dr Ramayya was the first of AFC speakers to debate the 2014 National Budget; All of the AFC Parliamentarians had stayed away from the actual budget speech, which Ramayya called a fantasy speech that offered no measures to meet the needs of the majority of Guyanese.

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