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Bulkan says Clean Up Campaign a political gimmick

parlimentMr Ronald Bulkan, who represents the opposition APNU on Local Government matters, charged that the $1 billion clean up campaign is another effort by the government to undermine the country’s Local Democratic Organs. Bulkan, during the 2014 Budget Debates, said this is seen from the fact that the government itself would be manning the campaign, instead of handing the money over to the various councils as the law requires.

Bulkan said it is not really about a Clean Up Campaign, but part of an Elections Campaign, since the intention is for the funds to be disbursed directly by the government & its collaborators.

He said that the country’s 81 Local Democratic Organs, including towns and regional and neighbourhood councils, are guaranteed autonomy under the constitution, but the Ministry of Local Government has sought to stifle the Local Authorities.

Bulkan charged that it is the government which is refusing to hold Local Government Elections and have the life of the Local councils renewed, yet the government has sought to lament the performance of these very bodies.

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