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Guyanese lost about one week of Electricity last year

gpl 23rdIt may have seemed longer that you were without electricity but the Guyana Power and Light Company is claiming that you only lost one week of Power approximately for all of last year. So you received electricity supply for 51 of the 52 weeks of the year. But there is a catch to the figures the Guyana Power and Light Company does not count all those minor outages affecting just a small number of customers. It calculates its figures based on when a feeder or sub-feeder is out affecting a few hundred or thousand subscribers.

The figures were disclosed at a Public Utilities Commission (PUC) forum that was held on Friday Morning at Duke Lodge in Kingston where the Power Company management was asked to report on its performance for last year.

The managers were reporting on power generation, losses, billing and interruptions among other matters.

In terms of electricity theft, the company reported a number of cases are being investigated with the intent to prosecute while only 39 convictions were chalked up last year. The Meter Installation crews were cut to half because the company found that there was fraudulent activity among some crews.

There was difficulty in the distribution of meters too both from the point of shortage because of demand for the prepaid meters and shipping issues that created challenges for supply and installation.

The power company has over 173 thousand subscribers and is installing new capacity and infrastructure to meet increasing demand. The company’s management claimed that the installation of the new capacity caused some of the disruptions in electricity supply last year.

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