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75-year-old pensioner killed

woman'A close friend of the woman said she spoke to Jocelyn Lewis around 1 this morning she said the two were to go shopping this morning. The woman said she made several calls to the home, which went unanswered, she found this was very strange since Lewis lives alone at her last entrance home in North Ruimveldt. She then alerted relatives who discovered Lewis’ lifeless body in the home.

Relatives told this newscast that the woman’s underwear was down to her knees with blood oozing from her mouth and nose.

Her nephew explain what he learnt when he arrived on the scene.

The police are working on the theory that the suspects may have gained entry to the home through this window from the bottom flat of the building.

They also believed that the 75-year-old pensioner was strangled.

As word got around her grieving relatives gathered at the house in total shock and disbelief.

By this time a crowd gathered as the news of the woman’s death spread. Lewis body was taken to the Lyken funeral home.

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