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Disputed sand port facility at Coverden

sandThis is what the Sand Port facility at Coverden looks like now some three years after a dispute between two-business partner a Brazilian and Sri Lankan Canadian businessman.

The business is abandoned while the Brazilian businessman Rodrigo De Paula has moved to social media networks to discredit his former partner Joseph Bhaskaran. Bashkaran has since moved on and opened a new facility further up at Soesdyke and he threw out a challenge to his former business partner.

He said the attacks are totally unwarranted, since it was the Brazilian businessman that was allegedly fingered in efforts to sabotage the sand business at Coverden.

You would recall that the businessman allegedly used eight presidential guards in an attempt to destroy key pieces of equipment of the company he had a 50% share in.

De Paula accused the authorities of conspiracy with Bhaskran and his associates to force him out of business. Bhaskran is asking his former partner to make public his investment in the company since according to the businessman when he left the disputed company he took loans from the bank to invest in his new business at Soesdyke.

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