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NACCIE calls strike action

sugarA strike action called this morning by the union NACCIE at the GUYSUCO head quarters at Ogle was called off after the workers were reportedly threatened that they can face sanctions should they participate.
This development did not go down well with general secretary of the union kenneth joseph who told this newscast that the workers. Have every right to protest for what rightfully belong to them. He said in his view the NACCIE members are treated unfairly compared to the other unions which represents sugar workers.

The problem started some years ago when the union requested job evaluation for its members. After the two parties agree to the valuation things did not work out as plan. The matter was later taken to arbitration where is was agreed that the workers will get some a pay increase and for all other jobs for which there was no increase there will be an increase of 1%

GUYSUCO is saying that they are not in a position to pay the workers those increase demanded by the union. According to Joseph what is most unfortunate is that the junior staff workers who the union represents have not been paid any increase for last year

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