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Fires seem to strike Central Government Buildings

fires 2Guyana has had a uniquely interesting history of fires affecting Central Government buildings. The latest was the fire on Tuesday morning that destroyed the historic Medex Building that housed what was then GAHEFF and a while before that was known as the Carib Hotel.

Over the past two decades Guyana has lost to Fire the Public Works Ministry buildings in Kingston, The Ministry of Housing and Labour in the Historic Clubhouse on Homestretch Avenue, a section of the Finance Ministry on Urquarth Street, The Railway and Maritime (Transport) Buildings in the same area. Of course there was the Health Ministry on Brickdam was completely destroyed. A Building housing a section of the Education Ministry on Brickdam was burnt to the ground. A few schools were razed too, Queens College, one in Linden and one on the West Demerara.

A section of Home Affairs was torched, Now the Medex Building. Some of these fires have been attributed to political unrest and some others to arson and yet others to unknown causes. What is well known is that even a few regional office buildings got torched too but not as many as the Central Government buildings over the last two decades or so.

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