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Policemen tumbles home without a warrant

no warrantA Sophia family is peeved with some members of the Guyana Police Force who they claimed barged into their home without a warrant. The incident occurred at A field Sophia at the Jordon’s residence last night.

The family members told this newscast that the lawmen were all dressed in plain clothes and failed to identify themselves. The said the men kicked down the door and began tumbling the wardrobes and the bedrooms in search of guns, ammunition and drugs. For fear of victimization the family asked for their faces not to be shown.

After the lawmen came up empty-handed they calmly walked away leaving the home in this mess.

Up to news time two occupants of the home were still in police custody. This development was baffling to family members who claimed that the police have given them no word on the reason for holding the men in custody.

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