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APNU continues to push for police reforms

policeThe APNU said they will continue to push for police reform, better pay to attract more qualified persons and proper training.

The party’s comments come at a time when the force is preparing for the departure of commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell and assistant police commissioner George Vyphuis.

The party said irrespective of who becomes the next commissioner systems have to be put in place to produce men and women of quality.

Harmon said he was happy to see the force finally working to implement the recommendations of the disciplined forces commission.

At this point the president is still to announce his choice for the job though Seelall Persaud is tipped to take over the force.

Harmon said the president is still to consult with the opposition leader on Brumell’s replacement. However the president did speak to the opposition leader with regards to the one-month extension of Brumell.

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