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Using the Creative Industries to generate wealth

creativeIt has been used elsewhere to generate enormous wealth so why not in Guyana. The work of creative people is finally getting some attention with the hope that there will be protection, incentives and wealth generation from the sector. A workshop was held mid-week at the Umana Yana to look at the roles various other sectors play including the public and private sectors to ensure that there is economic development as a result of the work done in the Creative sector. Caricom Culture and Community Development Programme Manager Dr. Hilary Brown highlighted in her feature presentation at the workshop, the economic benefits of creative industries. She noted the wide expanse of goods and services that are positively impacted by the work of a single creative mind whether that is the performance of a Singer or the Showcasing of the work of a Painter. In some countries of the region millions are generated from the work of the creative industries.

But for success to be achieved, the workshop participants largely persons steeped in the Arts must be mobilized and seek protection of their works. They were also urged to come up with a regime of incentives for which they could lobby to make their industry viable. They were tasked with working on an action plan for making the Creative Industries a pillar of economic and cultural development in Guyana.

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