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There was time’ to pass Anti-Money Laundering Bill – Granger

budjet cutThursday’s sitting of the National Assembly was to be another drop
dead date for the passage of amendments to the country’s anti-money
laundering Bill, to avoid further sanctions by an international
watchdog group, but it never happened, and as far as the main
opposition is concerned, it could have been done.

The main reason the Bill was not ready to be presented to the House
was because the Chief Parliamentary Counsel Mr Cecil Dhurjon was
unable to complete his work of drafting the Bill in the language
needed; but this has surprised the Opposition, as Mr Dhurjon is
usually efficient.

The Opposition Leader would not be dragged into saying that the Chief
Parliamentary Counsel, CPC, for short, is bing manipulated by the
Attorney General, at whose chamber’s his office is based.

The drafting of the amendments that has to be completed are those of
the opposition which the government has opposed, but the opposition is
insisting the amendments are needed if the country was to be really
serious in fighting money laundering.

The Parliamentary Select Committee fine-tuning the legislation next
Wednesday, but the opposition finds it strange that the government is
rushing to get the Bill through the House, but has set the next
sitting of the Assembly a month from now.

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