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Minister Dr Ashni Singh avoids questions about his accident

imgresThe Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh arrived late for the start of today’s sitting of the National Assembly, and would not get into questions about the accident he was involved in, slamming into a taxi and then leaving the scene of the accident without rendering assistance to an injured passenger.

The statement the Minister referred to was one from the Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, in which it was claimed the Minister was not under the influence of alcohol. But the statement did not directly address questions the Minister left the scene without rendering assistance. And today the Attorney General walked away from any questions for clarification.

Once the Finance Minister took his seat, the former Commissioner of Police, Winston Felix, attempted to get the Prime Minister Samuel Hinds to answer questions about the accident, but that question was not allowed under the Parliamentary rules.

Just in case, the full question was put on the record, the government’s chief whip, Gail Teixeira, was quick on her feet.

In the end, the question was not allowed and it is unclear at this time if the opposition will not proceed to table a motion to question the conduct of the Finance Minister.

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