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Rohee “whistles” more allegations against Opposition

RoheeThe ruling PPP has found it mind boggling that the Opposition Leader David Granger and other senior officers of the main opposition APNU, including former Police Chief Winston Felix would seek an audience with the Army.

Rohee referred to a former Commissioner of Police Felix  whom he said is known to have undermined the country’s national security interest by his close relationship with a known drug trafficker. Rohee did not want to name the drug trafficker, but when Roger Khan’s name was suggested, Rohee preferred to throw in a whistle.

During Roger Khan’s trial in the United States, it was revealed that the government, under the signature of current Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, ordered spy equipment for Khan; it is a charge the government has nonetheless denied.

While Rohee claimed that Winston Felix as Commissioner fo Police had a close relationship with Roger Khan, he failed to provide evidence to back up his claim.

While saying the PPP was boggled at the opposition’s meeting with the Army, he still preferred to suggest it was no big deal.

Rohee said the PPP is left to wonder whether the discussions with the army top brass and APNU is intended to be a back door attempt by the Opposition Leader to preempt and influence the budgetary allocations to the army having regard to his public utterances regarding his Party’s support for the Army’s allocation during the forthcoming Budget Debates.

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