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Guyana Support for Venezuela—Bad move

venGuyana’s expression of support for the Nicolas Maduro Administration in Venezuela following unrest in that country is a wrong move according to APNU member Aubrey Norton. Speaking with Capitol News on Monday Norton said the statement is even stranger in light of Govt’s recent rebuke of the US.

The Statement by the Government expresses grave concern  over what it says is the escalating political unrest in that country which has resulted in the loss of lives, the Guyana government also says that it stands in solidarity with Venezuela and fully supports its efforts at withstanding acts of destabilisation and hopes that the situation returns to normalcy soon.

But Norton who recently accused the Donald Ramotar Administration of having no clear foreign Policy, says that the statement by the Government could be unhelpful for Guyana.

The former Member f Parliament believes that the government is looking to get support as it becomes unpopular

The PPP party has put out a similar statement to the Government.

Venezuela has been hit by nearly a week of protests against what many see as a failing economy under President Maduro  and a high murder least 3 persons have died as a result of the protest.

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