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Guyanese Involved in mob linked Cocaine conspiracy case

drug cbsInternational media outlets have been reporting that nighttime raids in southern Italy, the United States and Canada early today netted over a dozen persons 24 people — including  some attached to the Italian mob sydnidcate ‘ndrangheta.

US Authorities said the Italian ring is an exceptionally dangerous, sophisticated, and insidious criminal organization with tentacles stretching from Italy to countries around the world.”

Using wiretaps and an undercover agent named “Jimmy,” the FBI said it was able to infiltrate the Brooklyn-based mob and stop “a plot to transport 500 kilograms of cocaine, concealed in frozen food, in shipping containers from Guyana to the Italian city of Calabria.”

Investigators estimated the street value of the cocaine after cutting would have been about 750 million euros, or $1 billion US dollars.

In Italy, 17 others were arrested in connection with the alleged drug ring. The massive joint operation targeted the breakup of a new trafficking route into a southern Italian port.

According to CBS News, which was invited to witness the predawn Italian raids, more than 150 anti-mafia police participated in the operation, dubbed “New Bridge.”

Hundreds of thousands of dollars laundered through U.S. banks were seized during the operation, officials said.

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