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Granger moving to parliament on Torture

budjet cutOpposition leader David Granger has tabled a motion in the national assembly calling for a judicial inquiry into cases of torture involving members of the security forces.

 The motion was prompted following the alleged police sexual assault of Colwyn Harding. Harding said Timehri Police used a condom covered baton to sodomize him.

While the chairman of the Police complaints authority Justice Cecil Kennard has said that he has seen no evidence of the claims by Harding, due to the lack of medical evidence and the fact that Colwyn Harding did not make the allegation until one month after.

But social commentator and member of the ACDA Barrington Brawaithe is calling for the enforcement and autonomy of the police complaints authority to be established.

He said Harding must be applauded for his courage when one takes into account the cultural aspect.

Kennard is recommending criminal charges against two ranks following the alleged beating of Harding and disciplinary action against the other ranks at the Timehri Police Station who he believes neglected their duty by not ensuring that the man be medically examined.

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