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Hotel Employee killed in road accident

accidentEmployee of the Holiday Inn hotel at Liliendall, ECD Lovina Tull  died on the east coast Highway last evening after being struck down by this vehicle.

A close friend of the woman said the two of them would normally stand outside of the Ocean View hotel to wait for transportation. She last night was no different. The woman said while the two of them were standing at the corner of the road she observed this speeding vehicle heading in their direction she said she decided to run but her friend stayed her ground. The vehicle hit the woman and sent her body hurtling into the air before it landed just yards before the  entrance to the hotel. She died on the spot. The vehicle came to a stop several yards away from the scene after colliding with a utility poll and crashing into the fence of the Ocean View Hotel.

A security guard attached to the hotel  where the dead woman  worked as a receptionist said Tull left the hotel just around 10:15 , he said she crossed the road and was standing in the corner, he said the vehicle was traveling at a high speed.

Upon hearing of the woman’s demise relatives gathered on the scene in shock.

Eyewitnesses are saying that the vehicle had two persons inside and both walked away with minor injuries. This newscast understands that the driver is in police custody and the investigation continues into the matter.

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