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Frustrated residents protest deplorable condition of roads

Sophia roadThis is the condition of several streets in Sophia, and it gets worst whenever it rains.

Residents decided to block the main access road to the community in protest over the deplorable state of the roads.

 The police had to be called in to remove some of the obstacles placed by frustrated residents.

The residents said for too long they have been crying out for help with no one paying any attention to their plight.

They said potholes are everywhere and some of the holes are getting deeper.

Then there are the security concerns since the state of the roads make it difficult to move from one part of the community to the next.

Mini-bus drivers and taxi operators joined the protest, calling for immediate work to be done of the streets. The drivers say that on a regular basis they have to invest Hugh sums of money to maintain their vehicles.

Last June, the residents staged a similar exercise but no works were done. Sophia residents say they will continue the struggle until the government fixes their roads.

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