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Bodies of two Fisherman discovered

fisherman found bodyIt was just around 6:30 this morning that the bodies of the two fishermen were discovered by residents tangled in their fishing seine. The two men went missing last Saturday after they reportedly when to set their seines at this canal at De Kendren on the West coast of Demerara. Dead are 47-year old Sahadeo Bhagwabdat, a father of four, and 46-year-old Ramdeo Sijogie. Both men were from Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara. Relatives of the victims said the men are sugar workers, but would normally go fishing during the out of crop sugar season.

 At Bhagwabdat’s home, his wife and other relatives gathered in disbelief as word of his sudden demise reached the family.

 She said her husband death is a severe blow to the family.

Sijogie lives a few doors away from Sahadeo and relative said the two were very close. They believe that the men were trying to help each other after they were trapped in the seine.

Residents are ruling out foul play as the Police continue their investigation into the discovery.

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