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Calls for more intra-regional trade

caricomNewly elected Chairman of the Caribbean association for Trade and Industry Ramesh Dookhoo wants to see more trading among Caricom nations. He made that call at a meeting of the executive of the association which was convened in Paramaribo this week. Dookhoo sees this as an important step in helping to reduce the importation of goods from outside the region. For last year the region has imported over 20 billion dollars worth of goods from extra regional sources, most notably North America and Europe.
Dookhoo said the process of regional integration still has some ways to go and identified rules on foreign currency subsidies and education in science as some of the areas that need to be addressed.
Dookhoo also sees Guyana and Suriname as important players as the region seeks to deepen ties with South America especially in the area of trade. He complimented Suriname for moving to modernize its port facilities and said that it means Guyana and Suriname can provide sea access to Northern Brazil.
Caic is headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago and its membership comes not only from Caricom trade associations but the Dominican Republic and the French and Dutch Antilles as well.

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