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Police investigating robbery and death of 16 year old

rober deadThe dead teenager is Leon Mc Curdy. There are reports that the 15 year old boy was part of a gang that invaded the house of a Paradise housing scheme East Coast Demerara businessman.  He was cornered at the top flat of the building where he was holding the businessman’s wife hostage   armed with a pair scissors. The businessman Eon Evans said he was relaxing at the time when just around 1:30 on Wednesday afternoon he heard a cracking sound at the door of his home. He said upon investigation he came face to face with the bandits who held him up at gunpoint.

Evans 8 months ago opened the doors of the business. He believes that the bandits gained entry to his home by scaling the back fence.

And with the help of the surveillance camera placed around the building the police would be able to identify the other escaping bandits.

As word quickly got around to the normally peaceful community about what transpired and residents flocked the area in their numbers demanding to get a view of the dead bandit.

The businessman said while making good their escape with the cash and jewellery taken from the business place the men discharged a few rounds and he retaliated.

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