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AFC calls for stronger anti-crime fighting measures


The Alliance for Change says the government has no intention of acting decisively to clean up the Guyana police force. The party’s comment came in the wake of some stinging allegations levelled against ranks attached to the No51 police station on the Corentyne Coast.

The Commissioner has since transferred the ranks that were accused by residents of being involved in some of the robberies that has plagued the community.

But the AFC wants to know why no disciplinary action was taken against those ranks alleged to be involved.

Executive member Cathy Hughes then went after the government for failing to provide a safe state for citizens. She said the crime situation is scaring away investors and costing businesses and private citizens millions of dollars.

AFC has repeatedly called for the government to professionalise the Guyana Police Force and implement the recommendations of the disciplined forces commission, the Simmons report and the findings of other commissions.

According to Hughes the crime situation is forcing many Guyanese to leave these shores.

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