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A Guyana connection in the Cocaine from Trinidad and Tobago found in Virginia?

imgresThe discovery in the US of over 12 million US dollars’ worth of cocaine in cans out of Trinidad and Tobago is pointing to a connection in Guyana. Federal officials found 732 pounds of cocaine on Dec. 20 concealed in cans of fruit juice. Investigators estimate the cocaine had a street value of up to $100 million. The drug bust has created a stir in the nearby Caricom State as accusations continue to fly there. The Guyana connection that is being investigated is that the actual cocaine may have come through this country via a company only on paper. About three years ago one of the Trinidadians now under a cloud in the Twin Island Republic attempted to take over a Guyanese company.

That particular company was dormant in the shipping business for a while and the Trinidadian connection still kept the company’s name and apparently did business up to recently under that name. The Trinidadian individual also looked for and managed so-called businesses under other names in Florida and Trinidad too. Investigators both in Trinidad and Tobago and the United States are looking at the individual and his history of transactions. One of those transactions included transshipping illegal fuel on the high seas between Guyana and Trinidad.

The Fuel smuggling escapade involved Guyanese businessmen of course. Customs and Border Patrol Officers in Virginia targeted the container from Trinidad and Tobago because of what they called some recent, unspecified smuggling trends. They used large-scale X-ray machines, moved to some smaller devices and eventually pulled out the can openers to unseal the cocaine. They have apparently unsealed too, a large international conspiracy linking South and North America via the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago.

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