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Police silent on alleged police brutality report

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPolice Headquarters have chosen to remain silent on what conclusions were arrived at in the investigations conducted by the Office of Professional Responsibility. The Police Commissioner Leroy Brummel had said that the  investigation would have been completed last Tuesday, but nothing was heard from Eve Leary then. Following media reports about the missed deadline, or at least the failure of the Force to say anything, Eve Leary today announced that the investigations were complete and that Force is in the process of seeking legal advice in the matter through the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Full stop. With that two-sentence statement from Police Headquarters, the case is still wide open, at least in the eyes of the public. And it is unclear if the Police will make its report known. Capitol News understands that the Policeman accused of the physical and sexual abuse against Colwyn Harding may be charged with common assault. It remains to be seen if that is what the Director of Public Prosecutions has advised. Mr Harding, in a recorded interview with Attorney Nigel Hughes, has made startling allegations against one particular Policeman. Harding claimed he was forced into a bathroom and had coca-cola poured on him and told to perform sexual acts. He also said he was beaten out of consciousness twice, and that when he awoke out of one of those periods, he was told by the Policeman that he was raped with a condom-covered baton, and that it was captured on camera. Harding’s girlfriend, who was with him at the Timheri House at the time of the November 15 incident, said she was also abused, and a nearby neighbour has also claimed that she was abused on the said day, including being kicked, to the point of losing what she had hoped would have been her first child. Meanwhile, the Guyana Trades Union Congress is the latest organisation to call for the officer or officers involved in violations to face the full force of the law. It said that the punishment must suit the crime. Colwyn Harding remains a patient at a private hospital after being discharged by the Public Hospital.

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