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Local govt. Minister Ganga Persaud resigns

searchMinister Persaud says he will demit office at the end of the month; he did show up for today’s sitting of the National Assembly. Minister Persaud was recently embroiled in two embarrassing situations; one the bizzare construction of the new multi-million dollar Moruca Bridge, which has residents using a catwalk attached to the new bridge. The second scandal involving Persaud was a Memorandum of Understanding he agreed to without doing enough due diligence, the government later admitted. Persaud had sealed a US$30 million contract for a recycling plant with what was found to be a non-existing company. The government was forced to withdraw the Memorandum of Understanding.

Minister Persaud said that his resignation has to do with personal issues engaging his attention as well as some additional responsibilities to which he is committed.

In a statement, Persaud thanked the President for the confidence he placed in him and pledge his support to the PPP/C Government.

Persaud said that during his two years as Minister of Local Government, he established a Local Government Department to provide support to the NDCs and Municipalities, and enhanced relationships with communities across Guyana, through our constant Outreach Programmes and visit to villages.

The Office of the President has not responded to Ganga Persaud’s resignation as Minister of Local Government and Regional Development.

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