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Cocaine in four purses

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 7.17.26 PMSeveral young people are being recruited once again to be mules carrying cocaine and other illicit drugs out of the country. While the Guyanese authorities have been nabbing a few on this side of the Atlantic, the US authorities are pulling in others on the other side. The latest person pulled in is a 24 year old woman Collette Alicia Graham who was arrested at the weekend in New York. The woman allegedly transported nearly 10 pounds of cocaine in her suitcase.

The young woman was intercepted after she stepped off a Caribbean Airlines flight BW 528 from Guyana on January 18th. She presented one red suitcase and the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Agents noticed that the sides and bottom of a handbag in the suitcase were unusually thick. The substance was discovered in not only that handbag but four other purses. The young woman remains in detention. In November another 24 year old woman Chitraoutie Persaud was arrested in New York. And in Guyana two young men were arrested for trafficking in cocaine in the past month.

Over ten years ago young people were regularly used to transport cocaine into the US, the UK, Canada and the Caribbean. Several were caught and jailed and have been deported to Guyana. Law Enforcement agents believe that some of those who have returned are now recruiting vulnerable youth to continue this criminal enterprise.

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