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foot ballThe prescence of political considerations in football decisions have been levelled against general secretary of the GFA Odinga Lumumba. President of the UDFA Sharma Soloman at a press conference on Tuesday said the Upper Demerara Football Association will be writing the GFF since such actions are not to be condoned

Soloman said the action is tied to undermining the Linden economy.

But this afternoon Lumumba fired back at Soloman in a press conference

Lumumba asserted that he has never introduced politics into football.

The Guyana squad selected for the WICB/ NAGICO 50 over Regional is expected to do well according to Captain Christopher Barnwell. He was speaking at a practice match held at the Providence stadium. Insert

Guyana opens its quest for the title against Ireland and Barnwell said they will be taking no chances.

The practice match was played under lights and Barnwell said it was just to get the players in tune to the conditions they will be playing in

Guyana’s National squad lost to a rest team and the next practice match is set for Friday at the same venue starting at 1:30. The competition bowls off in Trinidad in a week’s time.

Well recent discussions at the ICC most recent meeting have some country boards scratching their heads. The WQI for one will be meeting within the next few days in an emergency session to discuss the issue. Under the proposal.  Teams like the WEST INDIES and New Zealand will be relegated to a second tier tournament while other teams like the top 3 in Test Cricket India Australia and England cannot be relegated and will be in the first tier.

The proposals have come under severe criticism as some analysts and players see the proposals as strengthening  the teams now referred to as the big three and marginalizing teams like the WI and NZ

WI currently lie 7th out of the ICC’s ten test playing nations with NZ Bangladesh and Zimbabwe below them.

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