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The public park- When will it be open?

Parlimanet parkThe public park, on which close to 40 million dollars was spent, remains padlocked; no one can use it, except for a few persons who are allowed to by the Ministry of Housing. At least that was the word from the guard on duty. She said if someone has a wedding or something like that, they will go to the Ministry and request permission and the gates would be opened for photography purposes.

The Park was officially opened in December 2012, with President Donald Ramotar saying it can serve as one aspect of what he termed “Educational Tourism.” The Park, called Parliament Square, is located at the head of Brickdam, Georgetown’s oldest street, and is part of what the Housing Minister has called the Brickdam Renewal Plan. He said the plan caters for planting trees,  paving  and making it a very secure street, scenic and with an air of freshness and beauty.

The Park was created at the site of the dismantled Statistical Bureau building. The Park is fenced and manned by security personnel, is raised to prevent flooding, is wheel chair accessible, and has seating accommodation, lighting and a fountain. The square was intended to be used for family recreation, poetry nights, and steel pan competition among other activities. While the Housing Ministry waits to open the Park to the public, hopefully, by that time this grass outline of the map of Guyana will come together and visitors will know what all of Guyana really looks like.

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