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footballIn football,

The Upper Demerara Football Association, the UDFA, has challenged what is said was the reckless and unconstitutional decision of the Guyana Football Federation to ban its President for eight years and the entire executive for five years. President of the UDFA, Sharma Solomon said that the rules and procedures governing disciplinary action were not followed.

The ban against the UDFA was imposed following the decision of the Association to hold the finals of its tournament on New Year’s Day. The Association said football is an economic issue for the town of Linden, and the removal of the finals of the Kashif and Shanghai Tournament from the town has made it poorer.

The UDFA has registered its concern about the quality of leadership given by the Guyana Football Federation, saying that the rules were broken to satisfy political demands at the expense of the UDFA and the people of Linden.

Solomon and the rest of the UDFA were officially handed their suspension letters today.

And in hockey

One of the oldest hockey clubs in the country, Old Fort, is looking to rebuild its image.

On Sunday, newly installed members honoured several outstanding members of the club.

President of the club Allan Newark said the club is hoping to re-establish it’s self as the top club in the country.

The Old Fort club was formed in 1975

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