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Put enough resources to fight crime

parliament 31tstA distinguished Guyanese professor and specialist on Caribbean security, drugs and crime, has urged Parliamentarians to balance the budget for the security sector.

Dr. Ivelaw Griffith, the man the United States government ropes in when it wants information on security issues in the Caribbean, today met with a handful of Parliamentarians to discuss issues relating to security, drugs and crime in the Caribbean. The Parliamentarians who attended the session were mostly from the opposition side of the House, with just three showing up from the government side.

It was Mr Trevor Williams of the Alliance for Change who started off the interaction, pointed to lack of resources as one of the main challenge preventing the country from getting a hold on criminal activities.

Dr Rupert Roopnarine joined in on the topic of resource constraints, and also cited the country’s largely unmanned borders.

Dr Griffith noted the need for partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders as one of the solutions to criminal activity. But even with limited resources, he said what is given to different branches of the security sector must be distributed in a way that does not starve the military. He said countries with traditional maritime and territorial concerns often times lack a strong military.

The interaction between Dr Griffith and the Parliamentarians was organised by the United States Embassy.

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