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More revelations in Colwyn Harding case

Two women have come forward to give statements about what happened on the day Colwyn Harding said he was badly beaten, sodomised, and then threatened that he would be dumped into the TImheri sandmines. During the incident, he tried to prevent OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhat was happening to him, such as biting the fingers of the officer who was trying to stuff his mouth; and for that he was charged with assault and disorderly behaviour. He is still facing those charges. Colwyn Harding and his girlfriend Teanisha Evans were in this House at Timheri on November 15 when a group of Policemen and members of the Community Policing Group came at 3:30 in the morning. The girlfriend is currently at the New Amsterdam prison, and there gave a statement to Attorney Nigel Hughes, who is representing Harding in a $100 million suit against the Police Force. Evans said that on the day in question, she was taken to the parked Police van outside while three of the Policemen took Harding into the bedroom. She said she then heard screaming for the Police to stop beating him. She said the beating lasted a long time and when she ran back into the House to see what was happening, she saw that Harding was wearing different underwear to the one he had on when she was taken out the House. According to Ms Evans, Harding, then limping, was taken to the vehicle and his mount was stuffed by the Policeman named Singh.

Ms Evans said the Group of Policemen then went to a nearby House occupied by Tiffany Edwards, and arrested her and a 12 year old boy. Ms Evans further stated that the 12 year old and Colwyn Harding were taken to the Timeri Outpost and tied to a bedframe and then later transferred to the Timheri Police station. The woman said she was also assaulted during the process. The woman who was also arrested that night, Tiffany Edwards, said she was walking home from her fiancé when she was snatched by Officer Singh and told he was looking for her husband. The woman, who also gave a statement to attorney Nigel Hughes, said she answered the Policeman and told her if they are looking for her husband they should not be harassing her. She said that her two brothers in law, one eight and the other nine, were sleeping in the House, and a member of the Community Policing Group threw a bucket of water on them. She said she was them taken to the vehicle where she saw Harding and his girlfriend.

The woman, who said she was then two months pregnant, was also taken to the Timehri Outpost. She said her neck was hurting and could not walk so was sitting in the passageway to the outpost. She said that the very Officer Singh started to kick her in the belly. She said Harding’s girlfriend picked her up and helped her into the Police vehicle and they were taken to the station. On the way to the station, she said she started bleeding. She said she cried out for help but was instead locked up and taken to court a few days later and was put on bail of $100, 000. She said she could not afford bail and was remanded to prison. She said she bled for four weeks in the East La Penitence Police Station and was then taken to the New Amsterdam prison. It was there that the Medex told her she had lost the baby. These events by Ms Edwards were not recorded by the Police in their investigation, when they were directed to her by Harding’s girlfriend, they reportedly told her they were not there to talk with her. However, they did take a statement from Harding’s girlfriend. Colwyn Harding himself was interviewed by Police for several hours last Friday.

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