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Is Ramsaran saying that Harding is in hospital for a pre-existing condition?

images-4In this video recorded by Attorney Nigel Hughes, Colwyn Harding detailed how he was beaten about his body and then had a condom covered baton pushed up his rectum by an officer who claimed to have recorded it on his phone, and then suggesting that he be dumped in a sand hole in the Timehri sand mines.

Adding more shock to the series of events, the Minister of Health Dr Bheri Ramsaran told the National Assembly that Mr Harding was not necessarily taken to the hospital because of the abuse meted out to him by the Police, but because of incarcerated hernia.

It was former Commissioner of Police Mr Winston Felix who tried to get the Minister of Health to explain the extent of the man’s injuries. Felix described the man’s ordeal as perverse, cruel and inhumane.

The Minister’s reaction sparked loud outcries from the opposition Parliamentarians. And during his answer to the questions, tempers flared between the Minister and at least one government Parliamentarian.

Mr Harding’s injuries required him using colostomy bags, with him not being able to excrete naturally. His mother has claimed that the hospital did not have the required bags, and she had started a petition along with public spirited citizens. But the Minister told the National Assembly that the Georgetown Hospital was never out of colostomy bags.

Asked about possible overseas treatment for Mr. Harding, the Minister said that this was not needed since he can be treated locally. As to the extent of his injuries, the Minister said that the family is welcomed to seek an independent opinion.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Human Services and Social Security said her Minister does not address issues of training in human rights for Officers of the Police Force or the Home Affairs Ministry.

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