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Light Aircraft Crash probe still ongoing

plane crash 13thTwenty three year old  Shenika Munroe the pregnant young woman who was involved in Saturday morning’s plane crash was discharged this morning from the GPHC according to Hospital PRO Mitzy Campbell.

Munroe was among four persons aboard the Kato bound Cessna 206 on Saturday which crashed as it attempted to take off .

Director of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority Zulficar Mohammed said that an investigation into last Saturday’s crash at Ogle airport is in progress but it will be difficult to say when that probe will be completed. Speaking to Capitol News on Thursday Morning Mohammed said that such a probe may take a while.  He said the information and events uncovered will inform the stages and length of the probe.

The Cessna 206 belongs to Fenix Airways .There have been reports that the plane was overladen but those reports could not be confirmed by this newscast. Speaking on the issue Thursday morning OAI official Kit Nascimento praised the response of the Airport authority. He said they are also awaiting word on the probe.

Nascimento had confirmed on Saturday last that Fenix Airlines is a member of the Private Aircraft owners and offers flights for persons going into the interior. He confirmed too that the Cessna 206 had cargo on board at the time of the incident.

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