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Calls for Rohee to resign over brutality case


The man’s story dates back to last November when he was at a house in Timehri North with his girlfriend. During that time several policemen and members of the Timehri community-policing group visited the house in search of stolen articles.

The now hospitalized man, Colwyn Harding was beaten during that visit and sodomized with a baton by an officer identified as Constable Devin Singh. This was despite the fact that no evidence was found linking Harding to the claim.

AFC Member of Parliament, Cathy Hughes today expressed disappointment about the situation saying that the 23 year old man’s case proves that the systems within the Home Affairs Ministry do not work.

Harding is now a patient at the Georgetown Hospital chained by his right ankle to the bed with a police handcuff. The man has sustained damages to his intestines as a result of the constable shoving a condom covered baton up his anus.

Reports suggest that Harding was only taken to hospital until early December after his condition got worse while in the lock ups facing misconduct and assault charges. The Hospital is failing to provide colostomy bags needed to hold Harding’s faeces because they ran out of supply.

AFC Member, Beverly Alert finds the Georgetown Hospital claims unacceptable.

The bag is a device with a small opening that is pasted over a hole cut into the patient’s body so that waste could come out through the intestine.

APNU in a press statement renewed its lack of confidence in the ability of Minister Rohee to manage the security sector and more so the Guyana Police Force.

The man’s girlfriend is said to be in prison after she pleaded guilty for stealing her grandmother’s television in order to pay for the release of Harding from the lock ups. The Opposition Parties wants a proper investigation into the case.

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