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23-year old brutally assaulted by police

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAColwyn Anthony  Harding was  arrested exactly two months ago while he was at a house in TImehri with his girlfriend. A group of Policemen and members of the community-policing group kicked down the door and claimed that he had stolen some articles from a resident. Nothing was found.

What followed was the brutal assault of the 23-year-old man. He described his ordeal in a video taken by Attorney Nigel Hughes, who is now representing the man in a legal suit against the Police Force for $100 million. We have transcribed some of the audio.

After being beating about his body, the Policeman then prepared to sexually assault Mr Harding, using a baton.

At this point, Mr Hrding was beaten unconscious and by the time he regained consciousness, a baton was already up his rectum, with the Policeman claiming to have made a video of it using his phone.

Other Police officers were around during the ordeal, but only one tried to intervene.

After being contacted by Mr Harding’s mother, AFC Chairman and Attorney at Law Nigel Hughes was Tuesday able to secure his release but the court did not inform the Prison so Mr Harding remained shackled to a bed in the male surgical ward.

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