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No security crisis – Rohee maintains

police story 13thThe Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, does not believe that crime is causing an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness in the country; in fact, he said last year, the most crimes committed were the snatching of Blackberries and Samsung Galaxy phones off of young men walking late at night and into the wee hours of the morning;  and so it is not true what the opposition is saying, that the poor in the country are adversely affected by crime; according to Rohee, you can’t be poor and have a Blackberry or a Samsung Galaxy. His comments caused the Opposition Leader Granger to question which planet Rohee lives on.

The Minister of Home Affairs today again made the claim that the thousands upon thousands who throng concerts and other entertainment events are not consistent with a clime of fear and hopelessness and a security crisis.

Rohee is moving ahead with the establishment of a Special Weapons and Tactics Unit, the so-called SWAT Team, and he is against those who suggest that the very need for such a unit makes it clear that the country is indeed in a security crisis.

The elite Police squad is being set up with ranks who are currently serving in the Police force, raising fears about whether it would really be a professional unit and be free of rogue cops.

Previous special squads set up by the Police, such as the Target Special Squad, popularly called the Black Clothes squad, have been accused of barbaric killings and robberies. The government has said this will not be another of those groups, and has hired the US company The Emergence Group, to help set up the SWAT Unit.

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