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Brickdam Secondary Student commits suicide

suicide 13thIt was a typical Friday at the Brickdam Secondary School but that day quickly changed for both teachers and students when a 15 year old girl decided to take her life in the female washroom.

The 5th Form student, Lea Conway reportedly ingested carbon rat poison and was found by a teacher in the washroom. The young girl was rushed to the Hospital and was said to be in a conscious state and was receiving treatment, but she died Saturday evening at the Georgetown Public Hospital. The teenager’s death took all of her friends by surprise and some decided to turn to social network, facebook to express their feelings. One of her friend even described her as the life of the class room and said her presence would be missed.

It is still unclear as what may have led to the student to take her own life. When Captiol News contacted the school for a comment, that request was denied on the grounds that the Head Teacher was not permitted to speak to the media without the Education Ministry’s approval.

Suicide among young people has been acknowledged as a social problem. Guyana has the highest suicide rate among countries in the Caribbean according to the World Health Organisation.

Suicide is said to be the leading cause of death among young people, in the 15 to 19 age group. Studies suggest that suicide is the leading cause of death among females and the second leading cause of death among males.

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