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Prisoner charged with murder of policeman

police killerThe indictable charge of murder was today read to Delon Abrams who is before the court for the murder of police detective Corporal Seburn Elias.

Under heavy police guard and with handcuffs the suspect appeared before chief magistrate Priya Beharry to answer the charges.

The police are reporting that he shot and killed Elias on Monday night while he was rendering assistance to one of his colleagues who was chasing the escaped prisoner Abrams. According to eyewitnesses Abrams disarmed a young policeman at the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was at the time seeking medical attention.

Patients at the hospital told members of the media that the suspect asked the policeman to go to the washroom and after he was taking an unusually long time the policeman went to the door to see what was happening. They said the suspect slammed door in the face of the policeman. The two men were then involved in a scuffle where the suspect was able to overpower the policeman and take his weapon.

Abrams was cornered in a yard in 4th Street Alberttown where policeman Elias was shot twice trying to retrieve the police gun.

The police are reporting that the firearm was recovered. They say it was the weapon that fired the fatal shots. The police told the court that their investigation is incomplete.

 The suspect was remanded to prison until March 3rd when he will make his next court appearance.

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