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Murder rate increasing in Guyana

accident 27thAccident Investigators in the Guyana Police force had a lot more work on their hands last year after seeing a 7 %  increase in serious crimes during the 12 months under review. The statistics released  by the force for 2013 show an increase of fifteen murders. The number stands at 154 for the end of 2013 when compared to 139 recorded in 2012 an increase of 11 %. Of those 154 murders the Police said that 61 were disorderly,  4 were execution style, 24 were committed during robberies and 24 were as a result of domestic disputes. However the Police have still not been able to determine the cause of nearly a third of the murders that took place last year with 41 cases where the cause has not been determined.

Figures for robbery under arms was 1132, 75 more than what occurred in 2012 and cases where fire arms were used in the commission of robberies have increased also.

For 2013 the roads were just as deadly as in 2012 with just a difference of two more fatalities last year 112 as against 110 at the end of 2012. For 2014 2 fatalities have already been recorded an increase of 1 over the same period last year. The Police Force had been increasing its patrols and campaigns over the latter half of 2013 and found that speeding continues to be a main contributor to the number of fatalities on the road. They also found that in a significant number of the cases the motorists were under the influence of alcohol. Commissioner of Police Leroy Brummell has asked his ranks to work harder to ensure that citizens feel safer and that the roads are safer.

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