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Lumumba calls on Private Sector to support concerts

john 8thPromoter of the Beres Hammond John legend show Odinga Lumumba has made a call for more companies to support those shows since they bring people to this country and help to boost tourism. He made this call at a media briefing where he thanked the public for its support of the Saturday night show.

Lumumba said that millions of viewers around the world were able to see the show the value of which he said Guyana cannot even begin to pay for. He singled out Fly Jamaica the Princess Hotel as well as the Pegasus and tourism Minister Irfaan Alli for their support. The promoter said little by little the shows coming to Guyana are being improved. Lumumba who also serves as a Presidential advisor on empowerment in the PPP/Civic administration said Guyana’s image is being enhanced abroad because of shows like these but took a similar line to that of his colleagues when asked if he would try to bring some pressure to bear on city officials to clean the city to help improve the image of Guyana.

Lumumba teamed up with HJ promotions for the show  and Kerwyn Bollers from  HJ said he is excited with the reach of the show worldwide since a group he met from Germany travelled to Guyana for this show. At least 3 other shows are planned for this year.

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