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Timehri Residents protest deplorable state of road

road 7thSome Reid’s Alliance Timehri residents are furious with the authorities for what they feel are deliberate attempts to keep them from enjoying the benefits some other residents are getting in the community. Their  main concern is the deplorable state of the road. Residents complained that when it rains the situation is worse. The problems is works are currently being  done on the same road but stopped at this bridge. The residents told the media that upon inquiry they were told that the area they are occupying is private lands. Most of the residents living in that area have title for the lands.

Some of the residents are into farming and they spoke about the hassle to get their produce from the back and the cost that is attached to it.

AFC member of parliament Trevor Williams was on hand to meet with the residents and he is calling on the government to provide urgent help to the affected residents.

The residents told the media the entire road was done before the 2011 general elections, but since them they have been left in the dark.

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