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PPP says APNU’s social contract cannot work

ppp 7thReading from a prepared statement at his party’s Freedom House Headquarters, PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee pointed the ruling party’s commitment to dialogue – sitting across the table and thrashing out ideas in a democratic fashion to take the country forward.

But shortly after voicing his party’s commitment to dialogue, Mr Rohee, keeping his head in his statement, moved swiftly to scepticism about whether the process could work.

There was little surprise in Mr Rohee’s tone about any talks with the opposition; indeed, the PPP’s failure to win the Parliamentary majority at the last elections, has meant not always having its way. It has had a tough time convincing the opposition about some of its projects and how they were conceived, and as a result, they were voted down in the National Assembly. And so, the proposal by the main opposition APNU for a social contract was almost dismissed even before it was actually examined.

At the end of the day, Rohee said that the PPP was interested in dialogue, but dialogue that is built on trust and sincerity; how it chooses to define trust and sincerity and what yardstick it uses to do so, is but another question

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